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Discover Fraser Island in a 4WD vehicle to experience the unique beauty of the largest sand island in the world.

Just a taste of this World Heritage Listed paradise will leave you feeling charmed and captivated. Spanning 124 kilometres and covering an area of 163 000 hectares, Fraser Island has developed over 800 000 years.

Next to Fraser Island on the mainland you have Hervey Bay and this city is a popular place to access the Island. Barges depart the mainland to transport vehicles and passengers to the island on a regular basis. Go here to get information on Fraser Island Barges.

Fraser Island 4WD Hire - a pristine environment.

Scenic 4WD circuits and walking tracks take in some of the largest of the lakes including McKenzie, Birrabeen, Benaroon, Boomanjin and the spectacular perched Lake Wabby. This World Heritage island retains its wilderness feel due to its vast rainforests, isolated tracks and long stretches of  beautiful sandy beachs.  Fraser Island reveals many surpises including abundant pristine fresh water lakes and crystal clear creeks that are great spots to view unique flora and fauna and also provide a welcome oasis on hot summer days.

It would be hard to imagine lakes clearer than those on Fraser Island. The water is so pure that the 40 or so lakes support relatively little life. There are three types of lakes on Fraser, window, barrage and perched lakes. Window lakes occur when the ground drops below the water table. The fine white sandy base acts as filters, giving the water its clarity. There are several window lakes including Yankee Jack, Ocean lake and Lake Wabby. Lake Wabby is also termed a barrage lake, which is formed by the damming action of a sandblow blocking the waters on a natural spring.

Wabby is relatively close to the ocean side of the island and unlike the other lakes it supports several varieties of fish. It is also a good example of the sandblow phenomena, gradually encroaching on the deep green waters of Wabby as the sandblow makes its gradual progress westward across the island.

It is a unique natural environment - the largest sand island in the world and the only place on the planet where rainforest grows from sand. Rich Aboriginal heritage and a colourful European history are integral to Fraser Island. This combination makes Fraser Island one of the most rare and mysterious features of Queensland’s coastline. Many visitors experience the island by joining a tour of Fraser Island departing the Sunshine Coast, Hervey Bay or Brisbane.

If you require a conventional vehicle whilst you are not on Fraser Island please go here for car hire in Hervey Bay

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Fraser Island
Fraser Island
Fraser Island
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